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Sunday, April 14, 2013

ML-11 | 2 x 50W amplifier | 1982 - 1989

This amplifier was the smallest an cheapest one. With its 2 x 50W in a small enclosure with the heatsinks hidden inside makes it look shy, but it's not. It another great amplifier of MLAS which is perfect as an all-purpose home hifi amplifier. As the others he can drive almost any load.
The ML-12 preamplifier usually comes with it. And this is quite unusual: the ML12 takes his power from the ML-11 through a complicated multiple pins connector located at the rear of the ML-11.


Power output: 2 x 50W.
Weight: 11Kg
Maximum power : 260W.


ML-11 Power Amplifier [download]


HiFi Stereo [download]


Different connectors.


  1. No, only the ML2 is class A. All others AB.

  2. Hello, I just stumbled across the ML-12 preamp. Is this of any use without the matching power amp? The multi-pin connectors make it difficult to test.

  3. Hi!, I have this power amp with one faulty cannel, do you have the schematic? I´ve been searching for it on the Web with no success.