Revival !

I'm glad to announce that the website hosted under the name "" since 1999, which I had to shutdown a few years ago, will slowly come back to life here.

The structure of the website will be simple : each equipment will have its own blog entry, pages will be used for categories.

Please do not hesitate to leave comments!

The IMF Electronics (loudspeakers) website which used to be hosted under is at, check it out please !

You can contact me through this form.

Paris, France, May 2014.


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  1. The half-century go I had a single R T Bozak speaker components; a 12 inch rag/cotton woofer with a 5 inch mid range with the same size magnet , And twe 1 1/2 inch tweeters, And a particle board mounted crossover network consisting of a Euge huge Air choke Lopaz filter for the Wolfer, a curious air choke/capacitor bridge combination for the mid range (Lopez and Hipas, for only mid range frequencies) a capacitor bridge combination for the tweets. I studied this for hours it was magnificently heavy duty, I think they used 18 gauge wire for the chokes!